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There are so many ways that individuals can make a difference to combat climate change. Solutions that both reduce your carbon footprint but also help affect change in communities, companies and government. Here are just some initial solutions.  We will be adding new ones in due course. If you have any ideas that you would like to put forward then please contact us and get involved!

Infographic showing layed plants and tress of a food forest system

What is a food forest?

A food forest is a layered, perennial food growing system, designed to mimic nature, albeit typically containing more edible plants

Image of people planting to create an urban food forest beside a road

What are the main advantages of food forests?

How do food forests benefit our planet and people?

Infographic showing food forest closed loop system with tress, plants, insects and animals

Food Forests – closed loop systems

Symbiotic food growing system where each element works in harmony

Comparison image of a food forest next to a waterlogged loughed earthen field

Benefits of food forests vs conventional farming

What are the main differences between food forest vs conventional farming

Infographic showing how healthy trees and their roots absorb CO2 and what happens when they die

How food forests combat climate change

Forming an essential part of a sustainable, secure food-growing future, food forests help to combat the climate crisis

Domestic washing machine

DIY Laundry Powder Recipe

Sustainable, non-toxic, affordable and easy!

Photo of a spray bottle - Credit: Victor Talashuk,

Homemade insecticide spray

Cheap. natural, climate-friendly insect spray to protect all your plants from pests

Photo of a bowl of broken egg shells - Credit: Jonathan Kemper,

Simple Eggshell Fertiliser

Calcium is an essential nutrient for plants, and eggshells are a great source of it! Here's how to make a water-soluble eggshell fertilizer for just pennies

Photo of vegetables, nuts and fruits - Credit: Nathan Dumalo,

Climate Friendly Eating

Generally, the foods that are best for the environment are plant based foods.

Photo of money jar with plant growing out of it - Credit: Towfiqu Barbhuiya,

Ethical Banking

You could change to a bank that has a low carbon footprint or better environmental policies

Photo of two wind turbines placed in farmland - Credit: Luke Thornton,

How do I choose a green or renewable tariff from an energy company

If you are with a large energy supplier and wish to stay with them, you can ask to be moved from a standard tariff to a green/renewable tariff

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