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About ClimateYouChange

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ClimateYouChange was launched in East London during early 2019 to empower changes all of us can make to lower our carbon footprint, as individuals, as community groups and together with the decision-makers at a local and national level.

Content to no longer listen to horrifying news articles whilst waiting for others to ‘fix the problem’, we are coming together. This is everyone’s fight. We can only combat climate change together. We are dangerously close to the tipping point from which the planet can no longer recover. Our children and their children deserve a better future, as do all of our fellow humans already on the front line of climate change.

We are sharing affordable, simple solutions with our communities. We are working with community leaders to reach the least aware in our society.
We have implemented a climate change education plan to give all of us the tools by which we can lower our carbon footprint... upcycling, sustainable product swaps, eco-living, climate-friendly gardening, plant-based seasonal diets.
We are presently rolling out this plan. It is an ambitious plan of climate change education, hands on teaching of lifestyle changes, including handing out products to help facilitate this, plus setting up council run, community owned teaching and emissions lowering infrastructure.
We have been working extensively with our local council on public consultation, contributing advice to council policy, alongside giving presentations on big community assembly projects. We have regularly been in conversation with local councillors, members of cabinet and council officers. Our work with our local council has also focussed on infrastructural changes and what these could look like.
We have worked on initiatives together with community partners, developing programmes and activities around climate change knowledge sharing. We have provided educational and physical resources to attendees to help them lower their carbon footprint.

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