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I pledge to change...

Climate change is scary and facing up to it takes courage. Tackling it in our lives is not however as hard as you may think. There are many changes we can make which are practical, affordable, and bring many other benefits; increased health, 
fitness, cost savings, improved social connections and creativity, to name but a few.

Whilst evaluating the need for personal change it is important to be honest with ourselves. It's no good recycling and reducing plastic bag use if you still take an annual overseas flight for your holiday.

Future extreme weather events will impose changes on us that we don't want and have no choice over. Now is the time to take ownership over the changes that WE CHOOSE to make.

Hi, I'm Celia Wain-Heapy, Founder of ClimateYouChange. Below I am sharing personal pledges which I have made, to give you an idea of the kind of changes that you can make in your own lives. 

I hope that like me you will make many of the smaller changes, plus some of the essential bigger ones and that you will share these with the people around you. 

We all have influence; often more than we realise. If we can just start by demonstrating a personal commitment to create genuine change, then we can watch those changes create ripples around us.

I pledge to…

  • buy locally, in season food, grown outdoors wherever affordably and practically possible

  • mend personal items wherever feasible and when time allows

  • continue greatly reducing my consumption of meat

  • question what I really need, as everything new comes with a *carbon footprint

  • not travel by aeroplane. I have no legitimate reason to do so

  • continue consuming less volume of dairy products

  • continue to work on greatly minimising personal food waste

  • be vigilant of any companies using greenwashing to sell high carbon footprint 
    products and services

  • not own a personal vehicle when there are accessible active travel or public transport 

  • continue to learn from and share knowledge with others

  • advocate the need to reduce individual carbon footprints when others ignore ?the 
    elephant in the room?

  • expand my collection of seasonal meal ideas and recipes

  • reduce consumption of food with *high carbon (transport) and **high water footprints

  • buy second hand wherever I can; locally when possible

  • continue to express to others that 'no-one person is too small' and that we all have the power to make a difference

  • continue growing organically some of my own food, according to available outdoor 

  • plant more wildflowers and herbs for beneficial insects, including bees, alongside 
    making efforts to grow more varieties 

  • work on more tree planting projects

  • continue to work on ways of reducing my household energy consumption

  • continue to find alternatives in consumable products {food, toiletry, and 
    cleaning) which have a lower carbon footprint, including lower shipping weights.

  • work to find more practical alternatives to harmful petrochemical-based cleaning and 
    toiletry products

  • find more ways to reduce single-use (and where possible multi-use) plastic 

  • continue to reduce my personal water consumption, knowing that getting clean, 
    potable water to my household carries a carbon footprint

  • continue to believe in the power of community, to help foster greater community 
    ownership of tackling climate change in others

  • not let fear stop me from doing what?s needed

  • practice what I preach, encourage others to do the same and be the change!

*The carbon footprint measures the amount of greenhouse gases produced, measured carbon dioxide equivalents (in tonnes). **The water footprint measures water use (in cubic metres per year). The three indicators are complementary since they measure completely different things.

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