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Success! Our People Powered Project funding has been voted in!

December 14, 2023

After some great work by group members: Celia, Dirk, Jyotsna, Anitha, George, Mikey and Stewart our project proposal has been voted in and has secured the £20,000 funding to run sustainability fashion and living courses and to create Newham's first food forest with a gravity-fed watering system!

In the new year we will start organising the first steps to deliver this project and will post updates here and also on the Co-create platform here:

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Co-create People, Powered, Places project proposal

September 10, 2023

ClimateYouChange has submitted a proposal to Newham Council's People Powered Places to fund a £20,000 project in 2024. The project aims to run Sustainable fashion and living workshops and also create Newham's first food forest at the front of Katherine Road Community Centre. 

You can view the proposal and vote by following this link:

Brampton Park.jpeg

Let's Grow! Brampton Park

June 12, 2021

Members from ClimateYouChange have been contributing to the Brampton Park community meetings that started in October 2020, as part of the community engagement programme run by East Ham Community Neighbourhood Team. 

The aim is to create a community garden and growing space that makes use of unused land in the park.  Our group have been helping to highlight the positive environmental and educational benefits this project can bring.

The Greenway - Newham_edited.jpg

Greenway tree planting proposal

May 07, 2021

ClimateYouChange submitted a proposal to Thames Water via Stephens Timms MP for a new tree planting project along the Greenway in East Ham, Newham UK.

We have already sourced the trees from charitable sources and are just waiting for Thames Water to respond to our proposal and see the positive community, climate change and PR benefits

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