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Benefits of food forests vs conventional farming

What are the main differences between food forest vs conventional farming

Benefits of food forests vs conventional farming
  • Conventional farming disrupts soil structure, causing loss of topsoil, kills essential soil life, mismanages and pollutes water, reduces biodiversity, including pollinators and harms air quality, pollutes land and people. 

  • A number of these problems are robbing us of future food security. 

  • The quantities of fossil fuel used to operate machinery, transport food and make pesticides has a hugely damaging impact on climate change.

  • Pesticides are also a key driver of climate change. One such greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide, has a global warming potential 300 times larger than carbon dioxide.

  • Food forests however are amazing food growing systems. 

  • They can be and indeed should be part of a sustainable food growing future. Including them within all our landscapes, urban and agricultural, will give us far greater future food resilience. 

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