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ClimateYou Change Education Programme

The ClimateYouChange Educational Programme is an initiative to help

save the future of our planet through educating our communities on how they can lower their carbon footprint as consumers both at an individual and community level.

Government intervention is needed but we cannot fight the impending climate disaster without everyone making changes to their daily lives and helping to spread awareness to affect consumer culture change.

The ClimateYouChange Educational Program needs volunteers to organise, give or assist on classes teaching:


  • Upcycling clothes and accessories

  • Upcycling furniture and furnishings

  • 'Low-carbon' interior and exterior property finishings

  • Climate-solution gardening

  • Sustainable-living and eco-product swaps.

The government’s net zero 2050 deadline is too little too late. If we don’t act now we will lose the fight on climate change.

Please join the ClimateYouChange Educational Programme to help save the future of our planet through educating our communities on how to drastically lower our collective carbon footprint.

ClimateYouChange needs teachers, trainers, technicians, organisers, photographers, journalists, translators...WE NEED EVERYONE!!! If you have a couple of hours to spare please contact us. NO EXPERIENCE NECESSARY.

If you don’t live in East London but can travel (even as a one off) PLEASE HELP.

We need you and in turn we can create a ripple effect which spreads community carbon emission lowering education throughout all of London, the UK and beyond!!!


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